The Bridge

I was contacted by a local Structural Engineer to go and look at a bridge over the River Clun that needed urgent repair due to a lorry knocking off a parapet wall. I went out to assess what work was required with the Structural Engineer and we discovered that the bridge had been damaged more than originally thought.

I provided the client with a detailed estimate and work was agreed upon. I had to notify the Environment Agency as to when work would commence and complete due to there being crayfish in the river bed and it was important not to disturb them.

Having started work, we salvaged as much stone as we could from the river bed, but most of the stone we had salvaged was in poor condition and would not be suitable for re use.

We then bought in 15 tonne of cropped stone from a local quarry and we had to bring in new sandstone plinths and copings, these were sourced from a quarry in Derbyshire via a local stone mason.

The whole job took about 3 weeks. The client was very pleased with the work and the Structural Engineer was also so pleased that he found us another bridge to repair!